Sep. 7th, 2009

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Here's what I did today.

  • 22:18 A 3 hour nap late in the afternoon is not a good idea. :) Going to jog in the am (about time). Not sure what else. Baseball in the pm. #
  • 06:17 I think I'm going to go back to sleep. :) #
  • 10:16 Finally watching Defying Gravity. Seems good so far. Once this episode is over I gotta get out and do something useful. #
  • 10:30 Sorry. Work, family or stranger? @twinb76 : I am so fucking frustrated right now! #
  • 11:19 Nothing as written. Thank goodness. @SherriEShepherd : Pres Obama's back to school remarks #
  • 12:04 True. @SherriEShepherd : some of the cons about Pres Obama's speech: nothing wrong w/ was the le #
  • 12:51 Speech did and does not *require* any lesson plan from WH @SherriEShepherd : The lesson plan asked kids to "study Obama" as opposed to... #
  • 14:39 Yep, that wasn't nice. We can disagree and still be civil. @SherriEShepherd : Wow... & that last Tweet about me being a mom & letting... #
  • 14:48 No, you're wrong. That's what Congress thinks, too, and next election day will be their wake-up. @SherriEShepherd : I have a feeling that... #
  • 14:53 @SherriEShepherd Townhall attendees are scared 1st and angry 2nd. Wrong to assume that vile poster could find their way to a town hall. #
  • 15:05 He does have the right. We can't then equate him with hate or the tweeter with all concerned protesters. @SherriEShepherd : @MaryTNG #
  • 15:32 Riding 4 miles tonight. We can do it! #
  • 19:09 Bike ride - 4 miles in 24 minutes. Woo Hoo! #
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