Jan. 25th, 2009

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Day 1

I’m waiting at the airport and figured I could waste some time by starting my “Trip to Galveston” report. We are scheduled to start boarding in 30 minutes, but the plane won’t take off for 55 minutes. I’m seated in the very last row and since my backpack will fit under the seat in front of me, I’m going to try and board at the last moment possible.

The flight should only be about 3 hours. Which is good. Houston is the perfect place to live as far as flying goes. I don’t imagine it’s more than 3.5 hours from anywhere. When you live in San Diego it’s a long flight anywhere you go.

Well, my seat picking plans worked out. The entire plane is full except one seat in my row. The lady in the middle moved to the aisle and all is good. However, being in the back of the plane means I was boarded right after first class and those needing assistance (families, etc.). We loaded fast and took off with no delays, so it’s all good. The movie is The Longshots. Cute movie about a nerdy girl who becomes quarterback for a Pop Warner team. Nice distraction. It’s been cloudy, so there’s not really anything to see outside the window. Lesson #1 - buy noise reducing headphones before Korea. Lesson #2 - electronic Yahoo game gives me motion sickness. Frick.turbulance. Better put me head back up and watch the movie.

Day 4

LOL, so much for starting this early. Let me try and catch up on what we’ve been doing. We’ve been to Wal Mart, Home Depot, Lowes and, crap, can’t remember the name. It’s a sporting goods/clothing place. Like Big 5 or Sports Authority, if you have one of those near you. We had dinner at Chile’s one night and lunch at Mario’s (if you ever come, I highly recommend Ellen’s spaghetti). Dinda’s bro-in-law is hanging drywall in the master bedroom. I’m hoping he’ll get it all done and textured by the end of the week. Paint has been bought and the fan is ready for installation.

Today Dinda took off for Baltimore, so it’ll be even more quiet around here. Neither Dinda nor I are the chatty-Kathy types. LOL Tomorrow will start the phone calls and appointment setting. I’m hoping to get a lot done.

Pictures will come. Eventually ? I’m waiting to get some work done before I do the site seeing.


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